Welcome to our affordable hotel!

Easystay is an affordable, relaxed, and comfortable hotel just on the outskirts of picturesque Porvoo. We are only a fifteen-minute walk from Porvoo Old Town.

Easystay is easily accessible by car, and we provide free parking space for our guests, so you don’t have to worry about finding or paying for parking. 

Our hotel consists of two different buildings (yellow Poppeli and white Syreeni).
There are a total of more than sixty cozy and spacious rooms. Read more about our rooms here.

You are welcome, be it for a short visit or a longer stay! For longer stays, please contact the hotel directly.

Each floor at the hotel has a common kitchen for you to prepare your meals. On each floor you will also find a cosy lounge area, where you can spend time with your friends.

Free laundry and use of electric sauna and infrared sauna.

Free Wi-Fi is available everywhere in the hotel.

The hotel is accessible and suitable for people with physical disabilities.

To help you get the most out of your stay with us we have put together a little Guide for guests.


The hotel main entrance

The entrance is visible directly from the parking lot!


1. Walk in the small streets of the Porvoo Old town and along the river. Visit Old Porvoo.

2. Explore the art in Porvoo

3. Make a visit to Johan Ludvig Runebergs home museum

4. The skiing and climbing center Kokonniemi is also nearby. In the summer, the Climbing Center and Bike Park are open, and in the winter, the Skiing Center.

5. There is also a frisbee golf course and a few playgrounds near us.

6. You can find more of Porvoo sights here.

You can find Budget Hotel Easystay Parking Lot here.